EasyTCC 9.5

EasyTCC is a software programto view Time-versus-Current characteristic
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The EasyTCC software program allows the user to view and print a single Time-versus-Current characteristic trip curve on a log-log graph and to perform selective trip coordination comparisons between several overcurrent protective devices.

The EasyTCC program will display a list of breakers that meet the selected characteristics thus simplifying the selection process, especially for anyone unfamiliar with the breaker part numbers. The graphics section of the screen shows the time-current trip curve for the selected breaker by specific ampacity to allow easy reading of the time-current tripping relationship. The ability to “zoom in” on any part of the curve also allows the user to easily determine the trip characteristics. The full range of allowable trip adjustments for each device is displayed. A menu shows the numerical values available and, if changes are made, the graphic updates immediately to show the effect on the shape of the curve. The curve may be printed to a laser or color printer. Another output option is an AutoCAD “DXF” graphic file. The “DXF” file may beimported into a variety of graphics programs to allow the user to add the curve to other drawings. New devices, including electronic breakers and fuses, may be entered into the program as needed. A series of input screens guides the user to enter the time-current points necessary to define the new curve, name it, and save it for future use.
Several breaker trip curves may be selected and viewed simultaneously.
This allows the user to see the selective trip coordination between different devices at each level in the system. The program also performs the necessary voltage transformation across
low voltage transformers to allow direct comparison of primary and secondary devices.

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